Needle? Fuck that. Especially since chances are this wouldn't affect the likelihood of having to wear a condom. Doesn't matter anyway because the people who need contraceptives the most aren't responsible enough to use them anyway. This will solve almost nothing. » 11/26/14 5:32pm Today 5:32pm

I can't wait until every cocktail (sorry, mixed drink, I didn't mean to imply that your drink would have cocks or tails in it) is just called exactly what's in it because people have become so goddamn sensitive and literal about everything. Scotch neat will be unaffected, but I can't wait to order a Tequila, Vodka,… » 11/26/14 5:10pm Today 5:10pm

The issue is that Apple Pay isn't just software and that's part of what makes it easy and secure. You couldn't just slap Apple Pay onto some Android device. It utilizes Touch ID and Secure Enclave which are built into the hardware. So unless all hardware manufacturer's are going to incorporate these elements into… » 11/23/14 11:23am Sunday 11:23am

I don't think you should get penalized for winning a game by 2 scores. TCU Kansas was a little bit different. A 4 point win isn't the same as a 15 point win. I expect OSU to stand pat at 6. It definitely didn't wow, but at 15 up the game was easily in hand. » 11/22/14 5:51pm Saturday 5:51pm

Maybe something changed in 15 years, but my MR-S is horrid in the snow. All we have in my town are hills and while getting down was fucking terrifying, getting up was just flat out impossible. Couldn't be done. I had to leave my car at a Little Caesars for the night and get picked up. Even my E36 was better in the… » 11/22/14 12:01pm Saturday 12:01pm

Oh come on Drew. You can accuse DC fans of racism, but you need to back it up with something stronger than "Kirk Cousins didn't get equal criticism". I'm sure that there are plenty of legitimate examples you could've used to make that point. Of course Kirk Cousins didn't get equal criticism and attention, he's not the… » 11/18/14 4:16pm 11/18/14 4:16pm

Well like you said you haven't watched them play. They're about middle of the pack when it comes to rushing, averaging about 109 yards per game. Forget being successful, how many more weapons does he need before he's ready just to not suck? He's a mobile QB throwing to DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon (know who his… » 11/17/14 2:04pm 11/17/14 2:04pm

Wonder what this does to his draft hopes. He definitely needs to declare if for no other reason than to give a big fuck you to the NCAA. He deserves to get paid. Not to make light of what is obviously horrible news, but I really wanted for there to be some way that this kid ends up in a Bengals uniform and this might… » 11/17/14 12:00am 11/17/14 12:00am

The trailer makes it seem like it's the other way around completely though. In fact it's borderline anime in that respect of a female character relentlessly pursuing an initially uninterested male character to the point where it becomes unbelievable. Maybe I'm just a fuckin dick or something but no woman has ever… » 11/15/14 8:56pm 11/15/14 8:56pm