Not to belittle what happened to her on any level because it was absolutely goddamn appalling, but I'm amazed at how resilient the human body is. When I saw those pictures after the attack my first thought was "my god, that monster mutilated her and she's never going to look the same," but she's still beautiful. I… » 9/14/14 4:42pm Sunday 4:42pm

Well unfortunately I just bought a Vuse (seriously, I read this maybe 30 minutes too late), but it's the last money I'm ever giving to big tobacco. That's a disgusting (but understandable) self-serving business practice. I like vaping because it's a lot cheaper and supposedly healthier relative to shisha (although I… » 9/12/14 6:19pm Friday 6:19pm

Well well well, look who's desperate for some media attention. If it's not you then doesn't addressing the claim that it is you lend credence to that claim? It's not like it'd be the first time a celebrity lied about having a sex tape. She's the worst. » 9/12/14 12:09pm Friday 12:09pm

Looks like the first QB from the rebirth of Xavier Musketeers football has a little bit of African in him. He's the kind of guy who would tell you he didn't have any cats and then take you into a back room that smells like a litterbox. » 9/12/14 11:37am Friday 11:37am

I know that this is petty as hell given that it's not even the full version, but the UI for Clinkle looks like shite. It looks like the kind of UI that one or two mid-grade devs might shit out overnight for a class project they forgot about. My brother and his friend are devs and fuck $25M, for $25 they could design a… » 9/09/14 10:52pm 9/09/14 10:52pm

What's sad is that she's choosing to blame the media for this. Ray knew what he was signing up for when he entered the NFL. It is your life not just on the field, but everywhere you go and everything you do is monitored and judged by the league and the public. So yes it's absolutely a ratings thing. Your husband… » 9/09/14 12:46pm 9/09/14 12:46pm

No. It's got little to do with any of that and everything to do with the games being long and boring. It's pretty much a half step up from golf. There are no real rivalries, no tension, and basically nothing that would make me watch. I'll watch the highlights later where everything interesting that happened over 3… » 8/29/14 4:46pm 8/29/14 4:46pm