Sorry, but why exactly would George Washington roll over in his grave about a rebel flag being displayed at a university bearing his name? Are you under the impression that the British were rebelling against the United States in the Revolutionary War? I get that the winners write the history books, but the United… » 4/15/14 11:28pm Yesterday 11:28pm

I'm just spitballin here, but I think people get annoyed at how nouveau riche you are about having a Ferrari. You're like the kid in high school who gets a 924 and then always uses phrases like "let's take the Porsche". This pisses people off and I know that because I got an E36 as a graduation present and you can… » 4/15/14 10:47pm Yesterday 10:47pm

How about this new person called Literally Anyone with even remote access to King's Landing? He was the only one to eat the pie that was prepared in a remote location, filled with doves of unknown origin (who he murdered, spilling their blood onto the pie), and then served to him with his previously unused fork. Hell,… » 4/14/14 12:29pm Monday 12:29pm

I can understand being upset about "random selections" for secondary screening. Everyone knows that's a load of horseshit and they use it to harass people they don't like the look of and the TSA has a well-documented history of abusing power. Saying that you have a bomb while in an airport being checked by the people… » 4/13/14 8:16pm Sunday 8:16pm

Too many good reasons to count, but I'll name the ones that pop off the page. She's too old, she'd almost certainly have contract issues, almost no European racing experience, no consistent quality performances in the U.S., the closest thing she has to an accomplishment is finishing third in the Toyota Atlantic… » 4/13/14 7:32pm Sunday 7:32pm

Is the thought behind the rule is that you need to catch it while not blocking the plate and then there needs to be a movement toward the plate in order for it to count? If so then that's a good interpretation of a potentially flawed rule. That was my understanding of the rule because that's basically the only way that … » 4/10/14 5:26pm 4/10/14 5:26pm

Well the fact that they've had a sexual relationship in the past tells me that there probably wasn't anything sexual going on. I'm not saying that having a previous consensual relationship with someone excludes the possibility of rape, but it's got to make the possibility of that dramatically lower than if they hadn't… » 4/10/14 5:01pm 4/10/14 5:01pm